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Born in 1975 in Paris, I am British. Lived in Paris until I was 18, then went up to Oxford University where I studied Oriental/Studies Chinese. Stared work in London in 1998, until 2004, working in Business Development/Sales for large corporates such as Bloomberg, British Telecom, RIM and Standard & Poor's. Then worked for 6 years overseas - Sudan, Turkey, Greece, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Rwanda and Nigeria producing International Country Reports in leading print media such as The International Herald Tribune, New York Times Magazine, USA Today, US News & World Report and The Independent. I moved back to Paris early 2010, where I am currently residing. I was interested in coaching already 13 years ago, but my life took another course, and am delighted to be back, and fully, on track with it now. I want to help individuals, who have that urge, to bring about Powerful and Massive Transformation in their lives, and fulfil their most noble aspirations so they in turn can inspire others and bring about a Global Awareness Revolution.

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