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MCF Founders

The MCF was originally co-founded by L. Michael Hall, Ph.D. and Michelle Duval as a supporting organization for the vision and mission of Meta-Coaching.

L. Michael Hall Ph.D.
Dr. Hall is a modeler of self-actualization excellence in people, groups, and organizations.  Over the years his research, using NLP and Neuro-Semantics, has modeled the highest and best and translated that as models and  trainings for Coaches, Trainers, and Consultants.

Meta-Coach Trainers are Neuro-Semantic Trainers who have been certified as ACMC Meta-Coaches and have been through a three-year internship.  As they are licensed as Meta-Coach Trainers they also comprise the Leadership Team of the MCF.  These are the people along with Dr. Hall who are certified and commissioned to teach and train the Meta-Coach Training System.  The license has to be renewed every third year. Currently the Board of MCF is made up of the following:

  • David Murphy     Neuro-Semantics, Mexico

Meta-Coach Trainers soon to be Licensed:

  • Germaine Rediger    Neuro-Semantic Trainer, Belgium  (2019)
  • Omar Salom        Neuro-Semantics, Mexico 




The ultimate professional coaching philosophy S.Baele
A great help in achieving excellence R.Davidson
A truly inspiring experience for me H.Lewis
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