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L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.

Michael developed a form of NLP Coaching in 1991 called "Empowerment Coaching" which was designed mostly as an empowerment training in businesses for managers and owners. That gave him interested in resilience as a key factor of personal success and effectiveness and so that led to his first modeling project on Resilience. In the midst of modeling resilience, Michael developed the Meta-States model which led to Neuro-Semantics and all of that took his mind off of coaching until 2002. That's when Michael began researching and modeling the emerging field of Coaching and created the first Meta-Coach Certification training in November 2003, Sydney Australia.

Having met three truly awesome coaches who had become Neuro-Semantic trainers,  Graham Richardson, and Cheryl Gilroy, Michael invited them to be the expert coaches at the first Meta-Coach Training. Part of his preparation for that training was interviewing the expert coaches prior to the training to get their input.

As a modeler and researcher, Michael's creative genius lies in that of synthesizing materials and seeing patterns, and as a visionary leader in NLP and Neuro-Semantics that of awakening people to an exciting vision about what's possible.

Meta-Coach Trainers

There are currently 4 Meta-Coach trainers. L. Michael Hall is the lead trainer and now has 8 colleagues who are leading the field of Meta-Coaching with him.

Meta-Coach Trainers:

  • L. Michael Hal, Ph.D. USA

  • David Murphy - Mexico

  • Mandy Chai, Hong Kong

  • Femke Mortimore, USA and Netherlands

  • Lene Fjellheim, Norway

  • Ivan Robles, Mexico

L. Michael Hall Ph.D.

Neuro-Semantics Ltd., Executive Director
ISNS - International Society of Neuro-Semantics
P.O. Box 8
Clifton, Colorado, 81520 USA  

Email: meta

(970) 523-7877
(970) 523-5790 FAX
(877) 686-2867 toll free in the USA only

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