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I, as a person officially certified to be a Meta-Coach® agree to the NS Vision statement and to the principles of professional conduct as I do trade under the trademark of Neuro-Semantics, Meta-Coaching, and the auspices of the ISNS. I agree to practice respect for self and other, to operate from abundance and cooperation, to recognize others, to practice team work, and to build community. I agree to uphold the principles and ideals of NS and to contribute to the professional standing of NS.

License: With the Meta-Coach Certification and credentials, the ISNS (International Society of Neuro-Semantics) extends a license to coach using the materials, models, patterns, and promotions of Meta-Coaching.

The license is conditional being in good standing with the ISNS.

Disagreements between the ISNS and an individual NS Coach is to be governed by the ISNS Conflict Resolution Process.

The Annual Membership Fee for the ISNS is $50 AUS. (2007).

Vision Statement:

Our Vision is to create an international community of professional men and women taking NS-NLP to a higher level in performance and attitude. Using Meta-States, we now have new patterns and techniques for "applying NS-NLP to ourselves" (self-reflexiveness is built into the model) empowering us to operate with integrity, congruence, and cooperativeness. This naturally results when we build higher frames of abundant creativity (no scarcity), professional ethics, win/win collegial relationships, and mutual accountability.

Mission Statement:

The Vision leads to our Mission of extending our understanding and modeling of human experience to find or create ever-better patterns that we can use for improving the quality of our lives. One of our first missions in Neuro-Semantics is the elimination of the Knowing-Doing Gap that prevents so many people from fully experiencing the great ideas and principles they already know. Eliminating incongruency invites patterns of congruency which then allows many other higher states to emerge: personal power and focus, genius states, integrity, creativity, cooperation, resilience, etc. It's also our mission to apply Meta-States to new areas and develop new models. Using Neuro-Semantic modeling we are now developing new models for building wealth, health and fitness, leadership, cultural change, political change, etc.

As a Meta-Coach I agree to the NS Vision and Mission Statement and to conduct myself professionally and ethically. I agree to the Vision Statement and to the general principles of professional conduct doing trade under the Trademark of "Neuro-Semantics." I acknowledge that I have been coached about the importance of operating from Respect for self and other, from Abundance and Cooperation, from recognition of the importance of Teamwork and Community. I agree to uphold the principles and ideals of NS in order to create a professional image of this field and the field of Coaching. I agree to take full personal responsibility to stay in community, to keep learning and sharing, and using NS to work out conflicts.

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The ISNS (International Society of Neuro-Semantics®) and the MCF issues the Meta-Coach Certifications upon completion of training and demonstration of skill competencies appropriate for each level of training. his contractual agreement extends the "umbrella of credibility" to each person to coach under the auspices of the ISNS. A person in good standing will have the rights and privilege to be listed on the websites of Neuro-Semantics and in the brochures, to use the initials of, title, and credentials of their certification and to present themselves as a Meta-Coach-according to their level of certification.

"Good Standing:" Conditions for maintaining a "good standing" in the ISNS include the following:

1) Keeping membership in the ISNS current. (Currently $50 AUS per year.)

2) Following the conflict resolution agreement.

3) Not under censorship, probation, or rejection by the board of examiners of the Meta-Coaching Guardians in response to complaints by clients or colleagues.

4) If the conditions are violated, the following actions will occur:

a) The ISNS Meta-Coach Certification will be revoked.

b) The Coach's name and details will be removed from the websites and brochures.

c) If the person continues to advertize or promote self using the credential letters or title, a "public warning" statement will be put on the websites about that individual that he or she is no longer recognized as a Meta-Coach.

Complaint Resolution: The Board of Examiners will receive and handle "complaints." From the Meta-Coach Trainers Guardian group, a Board of Examiners is established to receive complaints against a coach. These will be received only in written form and signed by the person making the compliant. Complaints will be received about the following:

1) Unethical behavior regarding finances: charging additional fees not agreed upon by the client, not fulfilling the service agreement, refusing to refund monies when appropriate etc.

2) Personal violations of self: physical or sexual abuse.

3) Misrepresenting self, titles, certification initials in advertisement, falsely representing Neuro-Semantics, etc.

4) Misrepresentation of ISNS and Neuro-Semantic patterns, representing other modalities as if they were Neuro-Semantics.

5) Violating the values of the Neuro-Semantic Vision.

6) Violation of skill competency in coaching (the essential skills benchmarked in the Meta-Coach Manual) which therefore shows "incompetency."

Process: The Board of Examiners will examine the validity of the complaint, send the complaint to the person accused, invite explanation and response, mediate differences, make recommendations to the coach if that's the case regarding how to resolve the issues and coach or mentor the coach back into a good standing. Degrees of sanctions include: letter of warning, censor, probation, revocation.

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Date: ________________________________________________________________________
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